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Incorporating Design Thinking into the Customer Experience

How we coached design thinking into the delivery teams of a major Saudi Bank to improve the customer banking experience.


A major Saudi Bank approached iNQ to deliver the Design Thinking program into their project delivery teams. 

The objective was to ensure participants had a deep understanding of the design thinking mindset as well as the practical methods, process and tools to apply it to a real live project and improve the banking customer experience.


We get to know the business and its target customer very well, understand the major pain points and tailor a program specifically to the context of the business and its customer. 

We defined a specific challenge in the customer journey to focus the program around and prepared targeted user research and insights for participants to analyse. This provided a solid foundation for participants to create tangible solutions.

Making ideas tangible, participants quickly created solutions with sketching and rapid prototyping, learning to fail fast by tackling issues head on and uncovering problems early.

Participants validated solutions with the peer group and used the raw user data to validate any assumptions made, this provides a chance to adapt solutions based on feedback.

Teams shared their design process with the group, discussed their solutions and challenges and what the actionable next steps were to progress the project inside the business.  



Group 547@2x

A fast and cheap way to validate assumptions and ideas without using much resource.


Flow icon@2x

Allowing you to gain insights into common customer pain points and how to improve.


Strategy Icon@2x

Helps teams understand user behavior and get a view of what they are thinking


Team icon@2x

Personas give a visual representation of ‘who’ will be interacting with your service.




Participants gained a deep understanding of the design thinking process

Using design thinking methods participants tackled problems with the end user in mind


They created viable solutions to a real challenge

Solutions developed were validated against users and then iterated to create best solution


Developed an action plan to progress the solution

We ensure the attendees have practical outputs and clear next steps to progress the solution after we have gone.


Improved customer experience

Faster solution to market

More innovative ideas

Increased employee buy in


Design thinking is playing an integral role in determining the success of products and services across any industry. In order to get ahead of the competition traditional banking organisations need to start moving towards cutting edge agile and design thinking methods to improve products and services.

Create better products and services with design thinking